First Fixture Free

Unlimited free trial.
No credit card required.


€ 100 per month
or € 1,000 on annual subscription
+ cash back guarantee

+Unlimited number of fixtures during the paid period

+Auto-input positions directly from your email


€ 1,000 annual subscription fee + 1%
commission on freight

Unlimited number of fixtures during the paid period

Auto-input positions directly from your email

+Charterparty builder

+Extended freight analytics


We have a special offer
for you

Includes all features of the Professional plan

+Advanced tools for 
complex business,
decision making & big teams



This plan is for pioneers and innovators, because you are shaping future!
We are glad to support all trailblazers with exceptional care and personal touch.
It is our most profitable offer, that is why it is limited in time and number of clients.
All Promo-clients will be transferred to Professional plan without extra charges.



Your time is expensive. You care about productivity. Your decisions economically proved and always on time. You have built strong reputation for years. But you are keep searching for a new clients and new horizons. This plan is for harsh professionals!
All included, tested and tuned.


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All plans include

World map with open cargoes
and vessels
Real-time analytics — current
freight indexes and trends
Build your reputation
and leave feedback
No more SPAM — only suitable

Stay connected — email alerts
on every new message when
you are offline
Getting better every day —
More great features are under development

Have questions about our plans & pricing?

100% Money back guarantee!

With Promo plan you can choose an annual subscription and get 100% money back guarantee during this period.
If you decide to cancel your subscription, we respect your decision with no-questions-asked a money back guarantee.

Why are you offering the «First Fixture Free»?

We want you to be absolutely happy before parting with your cash so feel free to test our services with no obligations.
All our paid plans include unlimited free trial until you’ll find a suitable cargo or vessel and fix it.

What payment options are available?

We accept automatic payments in 138 currencies through Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
We also accept PayPal, Stripe and bank wires.

Can I upgrade my account at any time?

Yes, of course. Most users start with a free trial and then upgrade to the Professional plan.
Pro plan can be upgraded to Enterprise in which case you will receive a bill for the difference on cost.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, there are no contracts.
You may choose to pay monthly, or you may pay in advance for an annual contract and get 2 months for free (i.e. 12 months subscription at the price of 10 months).

What if I want to cancel my account?

No problem. You may cancel your account at any time. All your data will be deleted against a simple email request.

It's super easy and doesn't cost you a thing!

First Fixture Free