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Here are a few of the latest positions:

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All ship’s positions and cargoes can be placed only by their rightful owners.
We check every position and profile before its placement.

What benefits does OpenSea provide me?

Instantly find matching positions Choose best freight rates Fix online & on the go Realtime worldwide map

Find matching positions instantly

As soon as you've placed a position, the web-application shows you suitable matching candidates. Easily choose the best one and send an offer. You will also get an email notification once somebody opens a new position suitable for you.
Instantly find matching positions

Choose best freight rates

Charterers and brokers can place cargoes with freight ideas.
Shipowners are able to add named tonnage with no risk of disclosure, without their prior consent. All the ship and cargo details remain private, until you start firm negotiations.
Choose best freight rates

Fix online & on the go

Get offers, discuss terms & fix charter party online. Start your firm negotiations and send a final recap, ship’s documents/certificates or whatever you need in a single chat. All information is available online from anywhere & any device.
Fix online & on the go

Real-time worldwide map

Follow the actual conditions of the world freight market.
Real-time positions at any port in the world.
Every inquiry is coming from your colleague or prospective new client.
Realtime worldwide map

How OpenSea finds me a cargo. Or ship

How OpenSea finds me a ship. Or cargo

Add open position
Select best match
Fix it
Get feedback
Add open position
Select best match
Fix it
Get feedback

So what makes OpenSea different?


Get insight on trends and analyze current market conditions. You will always be aware of freight rates from actual shipments in any segment.

Users with transparent reputation

It helps to reduce counterparty risk. Each successful transportation reinforces your brand.

Simplicity of use

Easy access into the world freight market. No software to install. Just a few minutes to place your position and you are ready to fix.

Next generation of communications

You don't need to switch between fax, email and Skype, or worry whether your message reached the recipient. We have combined all your favorite tools in one platform.

Cloud storage of your data

History of negotiations on each contract and at any time is available for export. This helps to avoid mistakes and guarantees honesty between the parties.

Secure & undisclosed

Your contact information & all data on the placed positions are available only to you. You decide with whom to share valuable information.

Increase personal efficiency

Forget the overloaded mailbox and receive only firm offers.

We stand by your side

We strive to give you more market insights, help you spend less time for routine operations and find new clients easier.